WESC Sunday Aug. 12th, 2007
- 9am

The Walkerton Equine Summer Classic Sport Horse and Sport Pony Show and Expo was born as a result of a serious lack of this kind of breeders show and expo in the Bruce/Grey region.  It is meant to be an opportunity for breeders and owners to get their horses and ponies out to a Sport Horse and Sport Pony show for exposure and for the fun of it without driving for hours and spending a small fortune on stalls, entry fees and memberships.  The expo is an attempt to give breeders an inexpensive way to showcase their farms and breeding programs as well as to bring out vendors so they can showcase their products to the equestrian population.

This show is a Royal Winter Fair Star Search Sport Pony Qualifier show and it is the third show in the Open Canadian Breeders Series making it an excellent show to attend for anyone looking to get to the Royal or add points in their Championship quest.

WESC Rules

The rules for the WESC:

  • No abuse towards any animal will be tolerated.  Anyone caught abusing an animal will be IMMEDIATELY told to leave the show grounds and will forfeit any and all entry money.

  • No abuse of the judge, any of the show staff or any fellow competitor will be tolerated.  Anyone who does so will be IMMEDIATELY told to leave the show grounds and will forfeit any and all entry money.

  • The judge will have the final say on all placings.  Anyone wishing to discuss placings with the judge may do so after they have completed all their classes.

  • Any horse misbehaving in any class to the detriment of other competitors, the judge or the handler WILL be excused from the class.  No questions asked.

  • Junior riders are those who are 17 and under as of January 1st, 2007.  Senior riders are 18 and over as of January 1st, 2007.

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

  • Stallions may not be handled or ridden by anyone under the age of 18 years.

  • Whips may be used in the line classes, but they are not to be longer than 30”.

  • The horses in the line classes will be judged 65% on conformation, 25% movement and 10% manners and temperament.

  • In the line classes weanlings may be shown in a halter, but all horses and ponies yearling and up must be shown in a bridle.

  • Coggins test is not required.

  • Line class procedure will be as follows:  Horses will enter the arena at a walk in a clockwise direction.  At the ringmaster’s direction they will line up head to tail on the rail to await inspection.  When directed by the ringmaster, the horse or pony will be brought forward for individual inspection by the judge.  When the judge has completed inspection the horse or pony will be walked away from and walked towards the judge.  The horse or pony will then be trotted away and back to the end of the lineup. 

  • Horse and pony age may require proof to be shown. That proof may be provided by registration papers or a signed vet certificate.

  • WESC Judge:

    Robyn Baechler - Elmira, ON
    (An accredited Hunter judge and noted clinician.)
    Read more information about Robyn, here.

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